On behalf of National Museum of Prehistory, Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, we will organize cultural workshops on Taiwan indigenous music performance, arts and handicrafts with the hope of sharing and promoting the diverse culture heritage of Taiwan in Matera from July 26th to 29th.

Date: July 26th -29th, 2019 in Matera, Italy
Venue: Matera

July 26th-July 29th
*Free admission
Time Events
  • July 26th (Fri.)
    Workshop of Making Bunun Bow Harp—An Indigenous Musical Instrument from Taiwan

    Venue: Le Monacelle
  • July 27th (Sat.)
    An Instruction on Weaving with Hands-on Experience; Crafting of Drink Coasters with Shell Ginger Leaves

    Venue: Gravina presso Cavato Sam Marco/Sant'Andrea, al Bastione Medioevale/Ponte Viadotto
  • July 28th (Sun.)
    Workshop of Taiwan Indigenous Singing: Pasibutbut (Eight-part Polyphonic Choral Singing)

    Venue: Casa Cava
  • July 29th (Mon.)
    Workshop of Taiwan Indigenous Traditional Dance and Music

    Venue: Le Monacelle

Participants for each workshop is 30 minutes; free admission

18:30-19:30 Break
19:00-21:00 Saturday 27th the workshop will take place in Gravina at Cavato San Marco/Sant'Andrea - at the Bastione Medioevale/Ponte Viadotto from 19:00 to 21:00 and the musical performance will start at 22:00.
Taiwan Indigenous Music Performance: Bunun Ritual Song “Pasibutbut”
Performer – Kanating Polyphonic Choir of Ancient Bunun Tunes